2017 – Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 LTS – Intro & How-to Download, Verify & Create a Live DVD & USB – March 4

2017 – Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 LTS – Intro & How-to Download, Verify & Create a Live DVD & USB – March 4

Ubuntu MATE is a free and open-source Linux distribution and an official derivative of Ubuntu. Its main differentiation from Ubuntu is that it uses the MATE desktop environment as its default user interface, based on GNOME 2 which was used for Ubuntu versions prior to 11.04, instead of the Unity graphical shell that is the default user interface for the Ubuntu desktop.

The Ubuntu MATE project was founded by Martin Wimpress and Alan Pope and began as an unofficial derivative of Ubuntu, using an Ubuntu 14.10 base for its first release; a 14.04 LTS release followed shortly. As of February 2015, Ubuntu MATE gained the official Ubuntu flavour status from Canonical Ltd. as per the release of 15.04 Beta 1. In addition to IA-32 and x86-64 which were the initial supported platforms, Ubuntu MATE also supports PowerPC and ARMv7 (on the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3).

Ubuntu MATE Shop:


My Guide to Download, Verify & Create a Live DVD & USB from GNU+Linux, Google Chrome OS, Mac OS X & Windows:

Windows & Mac OS X Users:
1- Use Qbittorrent: https://www.qbittorrent.org/download.php
to Download the ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent & Save it to the Downloads Folder:


2- Save to the Downloads a copy of SHA256SUMS file from Canonical’s CD Images server:

3- To Verify the ISO, use this online site:


The Result has to be:
SHA256 Checksum: 39cb4d4069dd79a9104b8c1c5d0d4a5b009779eec55fafeceafcf43c7ebcaba4

All GNU+Linux Users:

1- Use the Bit Torrent software that came with your Distro.
Save to the Downloads Folder a copy of the ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent ,
SHA256SUMS and SHA256SUMS.gpg files from Canonical’s CD Images server:


2- go to the Donwloads Folder:

cd Downloads

3- Import the Ubuntu Key:

gpg –keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv-key “C598 6B4F 1257 FFA8 6632 CBA7 4618 1433 FBB7 5451”

4- Verify the SHA256SUMS.gpg SHA256SUMS.txt:

gpg –verify SHA256SUMS.gpg SHA256SUMS.txt

5- Verify the sha256sum do ISO:

sha256sum ubuntu-mate-16.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso

Some Screen shots:

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Screen shots of this Video on Google Photos:

Press F11 to view in full screen.

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2016 – How-to Create a Perfect Auto Sustainability System Forever – December 20

Think About a Global Smart 21st Century Industrial Revolution.
WE Need (I will Create My OWN System):

We Need to Create a Global Authority to Manage the System.

01- Global Smart Open Source Identification Device, Know as ID Card.
– With ALL this Hacking Going on, I Believe Every ID System has Been Cracked.
– We Should Move Away from HTTP. (It’s 2017 and We Still use HTTP !!!!!!).
02- Global Smart Open Source Tax System
– X % (percentage) Goes to the Companies who Created the Technology + to the Companies who licensed the Technology.
– Every Component will have X number of percentage,
(Imagine a Car, Truck, Airplane, Train, Ship…)
– X % (percentage) Goes to the Companies who Created the Technology + to the Companies who licensed the Technology.
03- Global Smart Open Source Invention Network System.
– X Percentage of the Money Goes to the Companies who Created the Technology + to the companies Who Licensed the Technology.
04- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Transportation System
05- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Government System
06- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Personal Voting Machine System.
– It’s ONE way Voting Machine.
– NO Network.
– We Buy the Machine & Create a Smart Password.
– NO Radios.
07- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Health Care Development System
08- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Banking System
– We need to put an END on Coins.
– We Need an Analog to Digital Money Bill.
09- Global Smart Open Source Politic Party
10- Global Smart Open Source 3D E-Shopping Mall
– In Every Browser will have a Shortcut of this Web Page.
– Will use Tor & I2P Secure Communications.
– In Each Country their Programmers will have a Complete Website
with Everything they want to Buy, Sale & Rent.
– Companies from Around the Globe will be able to interact with other
Companies and License their technology.
-Countries Can HIRE People from Other Countries.
11- Global Smart Open Source Smart Password Machine.
-Can be an Android or GNU+Linux Tablet with NO Network & NO Radios.
-One Way Smart Technology

Everything Can RUN on Top of Google Services Like:
YouTube, Google Photos, Google+, Blogger, Hangouts + Linphone https://www.linphone.org/, Jitsi https://jitsi.org/, Telegram https://telegram.org/ , Pidgin https://pidgin.im/ , Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, WordPress + Others…

My Quote:
In a Global Smart Society, the People will be the Police & the Government !
J Renato S or Renato ZX
2016 December 20

Software Used to Text to Speech:


Screen shots of this Video + this TEXT on Google Photos:


Press F11 to View in Full screen

The YouTube Video:

Linux Mint Computers:

Linux Mint T-shirts (Worldwide Shipping):

Buy Live CD, Live DVD & Live USB from ANY GNU+Linux Operating Systems (Worldwide Shipping):

GNU+linux Magazine (Worldwide Shipping):




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